As with many exercise and sports, the proper equipment is crucial for participation. But with Acro Yoga, all you need is a partner, spotter, comfy clothing, and possibly a Yoga mat or floor cushion and you are ready for some fun.

There is no need to spend a ton of money on fancy designer clothing, you probably have stuff in your closet already.

If you have good form-fitting workout clothing and leggings, these are ideal since it will keep the sweat from building up and make you too slick to hold onto.


Flyers will most likely be the one going upside down and balancing on feet and hands, it is best to wear comfy clothing, but tight fitting as to not get caught in toes and fingers while spinning around. Shorts, Yoga pants, and slim-fit shirts are common. Loose clothing is not encouraged since they can get caught in toes while spinning around. If you have long hair, be sure to either have a bunch of hair ties or put in a braid to keep out of the Base's eyes.

Note for female Flyers, since most likely you will be upside down for extended periods of time, a good sports top/bra is imperative to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.


Bases will most likely be on the ground with legs in a "L" position, you can wear comfy clothing. But some positions the Flyer may need to have a firm grip on your legs and shins, be sure to wear clothing that can expose skin for gripping. T-Shirts, Shorts, and leggings are common.


Whether you may be attending Jams, Classes or Workshops for extended periods of time, you may want to plan ahead with what you bring with you.

  • For floor cushioning, you can bring a Yoga mat or extra thick cushions for a wider area.

  • Bring a towel for sweat, water bottle, and snacks to keep energy level up.

  • Sometimes if the location is outdoors or dirty, you may want to bring an extra towel for wiping off dirty feet.

  • If you have any sort of exercise equipment as in Stretching Bands, Headstand Bench, Silks, Poi, etc, but always check with the Lead Yogis for rules and regulations. We are always up for more toys to plays with.