Acro Is A Participation Exercise

three major components: A Flyer, a Base and a Spotter. It is the combination of three that provides a safe and memorable exercise.


The FLYER is the person who is on top of the feet or hands doing the strength and balance movements.

The BASE is the person who is responsible for keeping the Flyer supported in a "L-Base" or a "Lift".

The SPOTTER is the person that helps guide or catch the Flyer if they lose balance or to help guide them into more advanced positions.

Safety is our top priority.

Just like any exercise program, you want to make sure to keep yourself safe from injury and pain. Do not attempt any poses if you are uncomfortable or not sure or consult your physician if it is ok to do so. If you are not sure what you are about to do, SAY SO. Be sure to ask for clarification because your safety is always priority. Always seek qualified instruction and use a spotter.

An ACRO CLASS or WORKSHOP is a structured teaching with proper techniques, stretching, warmups and safety. Then certain techniques are taught with repetition and understanding.

An ACRO PRACTICE JAM is very low-key, informal gathering of AcroYogis at various times and places where we chill out, relax, teach each other poses and flows with others.

First-Timers: What to Expect At Your First Jam or Class

• You do NOT need a partner - there are plenty of other Bases, Flyers and Spotters ready to help.

• Know your own limitations - do not risk injury to yourself of others.

• Do not expect to be able to perform all the Poses on your first day.

• This is a participation exercise, you will be working hands-on and in close proximity with others.

• You may and will probably end up with skin bruises or discoloration where feet or hands were - which we love to call ACRO KISSES. But not to worry, they more you play, the more you skin will used to them and diminish.

Encouraging Words for Beginners

There is a wide range of people in the AcroYoga scene, skills and experience levels vary greatly from one person to the next. However, everybody starts out as a beginner. If you are new to AcroYoga, notice that most of the better practitioners have been working at it for quite some time. Try not to get discouraged. It may take a few months for you to feel completely comfortable basing, flying, & spotting. Even then, nobody ever learns everything.

In fact, the teachers spend as much time as anybody honing their skills. Avoid dwelling on what you know or don't know. More importantly, please remember that lacking prior experience does not preclude anybody from enjoying AcroYoga. This is supposed to fun, above all else!!!


Like many of us, AcroYoga has become a fun addition to our lives. Whether you come out every week, or just once in awhile, we will always have something fun to show you.

Be sure to check out - - for it is a great resource for AcroYoga for photos of poses, videos, tutorials, and posting of your classes. It's a free worldwide online gathering of fellow AcroYogis.