welcome to ACRO YOGA 757

We are just a bunch of crazy fun people gathering together to have fun and safe exercise within the realm of AcroYoga. Which inherently includes, Yoga, Acrobatics, Thai Massage, Healing Arts, Slackline, Yoga Swings, Poi, Circus Arts, Lyra, Silks, Trapeze, Juggling, and all sorts of fun crazy activities.

Our events and classes take place in either Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and the surrounding Hampton Roads area of Virginia in the area code of 757 - hence the name. All participants make up the collective group as a whole with each person contributing to the safe and fun environment to create our own OHANA or Acro Family. Acro participants called AcroYogis - or we also like to call ourselves Monkeys - come from all sorts of shapes, sizes, and backgrounds: yoga, circus, cheer, dance, fitness, acrobatics, crossfit, and sometimes people just walking by wondering what the heck we are doing. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged. We all have a love for fun exercise that helps brings everyone together for a common goal:

Have Fun, Be Safe, Fly, and most of all … HAVE FUN!!

To be a part of our Club, just join in the fun at our events. Also be sure to LIKE US on Facebook and keep in touch with all the events we do. Join one of our masterful teachers for a class, workshop, jam, or other event to learn Acro with safety, exercise, and most of all pure FUN.

What are the Basic Elements of Partner Acrobatics?

You start with a Base and Flyer performing the movements and a Spotter for safety of all three. The building blocks for flows:

  • L-Basing – base lies on their back

  • Static Poses – single poses that work on balance and strengthening the core

  • Handstands – solo sequences that build your hand-to-hand skills

  • Washing Machine – a repeating sequence comprised of different poses that start at one pose and finishes at same pose

  • Foot to Hand (F2F) – Base uses arms, Flyer uses feet as points of contact

  • Hand to Hand (H2H)– both base and flyer use arms as points of contact

  • Standing Acrobatics – Base stands, Flyer on top of Base




John & Marissa Thompson

At the Heart of Club is our main instructors John & Marissa Thompson of Intertwined Yoga & Acro certified in Yoga Instruction and AcroYoga.

They are both Acro Revolution & Yogaslacker Certified Instructors.

They are also CYT 200 for Yoga Instruction and Practice.


John has an inquisitive attitude and a need to understand the inner workings of all he learns.  John started practicing yoga in 2011. From the first class, he was drawn to the internal and external transformative powers of yoga.  He has embraced and studied various styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Hatha, Jivamukti, and Yin. John strives to better understand the body and mind. He enjoys body movement in the form of yoga, slacklining, handstands & acrobatic yoga (Acro).  John believes slackline practice is a moving meditation which through physical balance can integrate life balance. He encourages everyone to find the reward in the venture of slacklining. John strives to integrate his knowledge of these modalities for his students to create a fun dynamic rewarding experience.  You can find him teaching yoga, acro, slackline, and inversion classes in the Hampton Roads area or as a traveling instructor at workshops, retreats and festivals.  

(pronounced mah-ree-sah)

Marissa started practicing yoga in 2011. As an effort to involve more movement & balance in her life. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling practice that led to so much more.  

Yoga was the gateway to finding Acroyoga & Slacklining in 2014. She embraced the challenges of Acroyoga & Slacklining. Marissa is patient with her practices just as she is patient with her students. Marissa is a student of life. Always learning & teaching.  Her motto is “to teach from the heart”


If John & Marissa are at the Heart, then this guy is the Blood.

Not only is he our marketing guru, but he comes with almost 20 years of dance experience including aerials, lifts, throws, and all sorts of crazy shenanigans. He started doing Acro Yoga in the summer of 2014 and was easy hooked into all this fun community activity.

He will be looking to attain his Acro certification in 2019 and looks forward help build this amazing and wonderful community of monkeys.

He is a well-seasoned event coordinator, organizer, marketer, and our “mother-hen” when it comes to planning out these events. Plus he always comes with music at his fingertips. Oh, and potatoes…